24 July Jul 2015 1802 2 years ago

Duomo Bike has arrived!

At Expo the Duomo Shop on wheels

During your visit at EXPO 2015 come discover the Duomo Bike, the new shop at the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano Pavilion.

Among the many products inspired by the Duomo are the original and colourful UKI Bags and Pochettes, the “DUOMO” T-shirts and the Shoppers, a complete collection of stationery articles, magnets, key rings and much more!

The DUOMO BIKE is born to tell a curiosity about the history of the Duomo and make the traditions from the XX century Milan live again: one century ago, in fact, the area around the Milanese Cathedral was full of itinerant newsagents, among which the renowned “furgoncino Duomo”.

From an original 1960s design created by the famous company Doniselli, the Veneranda Fabbrica decided to make the historical bicycle come back to its former splendour, thanks to a skilful restoration curated by expert artisans.

From its original place, Piazza Duomo, the DUOMO BIKE lives again in EXPO now, just at the feet of the stair over which towers the Madonnina copy with a new look based on contemporary design and Duomo Inspired.

Visit the Veneranda Fabbrica Pavilion in EXPO and stop at the DUOMO BIKE: with your purchase, you will support the restoration of the Cathedral symbol of Milan.