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13 August Aug 2015 1614 2 years ago

The 15th August under the sign of the Madonnina

From Expo to the Duomo Museum, open even on Ferragosto day, from Paradosso by Tony Cragg to the Terraces: the Veneranda Fabbrica proposals around art and much more

Since December 1774, the Madonnina watches over the city from the Duomo Main Spire: an extraordinary sign of protection for everyone, believers or not, that today, thanks to the Veneranda Fabbrica, has come up to Expo Milano 2015, to bring a message of peace in the place that welcomes the world. In fact, the 1:1 copy of the Madonnina, realised in bronze with the ancient technique of lost-wax casting (the same used for the Riace bronzes) and donated by the Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice, is in the World Fair at the Veneranda Fabbrica Pavilion since the 1st of May, to let all the visitors admire from a close proximity the beauty of the Mother of Jesus.

And, in the very month of August, we should aim at the Madonnina one more gaze, since She represents the Virgin of the Assumption (whose celebration is held precisely on the 15th August). The figure of Mary, in fact, stands on a soft cloud from which many Cherubs appear, accompanying her ascent to the sky. A Madonnina full of glory, who cheers up the sight of Milanese people and of the millions of worshippers and tourists visiting Milan every year.

And precisely the Madonnina is at the core of many cultural activities promoted by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo during the Expo Semester. Not only in the Expo area. If with Stone and Prayer and El noster Domm (Our Duomo) the Fabbrica accompanied the public to discover again some “chants” dedicated to the Virgin in the wonderful frame of the great Operas by Giuseppe Verdi, this path following the Madonnina steps does not stop here.

Within the universal language of art, since the last 4th November, the Fabbrica placed inside the Cathedral Paradosso, artwork by the sculptor Tony Cragg inspired by the Madonnina herself, whose exhibition on the Terraces will go on until the 31st October. A new chance to live the emotion of reading again the figure of the Virgin through the eyes of a contemporary artist. A file rouge that today is going on also inside the Grande Museo del Duomo, open even on the 15th August, with the exhibition Images of the XX century. Homage to the Madonnina. The exhibition, set up in the Sala Gian Galeazzo Visconti, shows some of the most significant artworks from the Galleria d’Arte Sacra dei Contemporanei dedicated to the Virgin, from the Assunta by Eugenio Scorzelli to the Annunciazione by Enrico Manfrini, from the Assunta by Francesco Messina to the Madonna con Bambino by Italo Peresson.

A 15th August during which the Veneranda Fabbrica, committed to the great challenge of Expo with serene determination, feels more than ever the necessity of reminding the public the importance of the Madonnina as a great symbol for everyone, for Milan and the world.

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