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21 August Aug 2015 0900 2 years ago

Follow the Veneranda Fabbrica cultural activities on TGCOM24

On the online newspaper News Mediaset live again the emotion of the great events for Expo Milano 2015, from “Stone and Prayer” to “La Fabbrica dei Giovani”

Thanks to the cooperation between the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano and Mediaset, the cultural activities promoted under the sign of the Cathedral on the occasion of the International meeting of Expo Milano 2015, opens up even more than before to the world and the web.

On TGCOM24, the News Mediaset online newspaper, it is now possible to live again the emotion of Pietra e Preghiera, the great video mapping event held in Piazza del Duomo on the 9th-10th July, entirely dedicated to the origin of the Cathedral, and of the concert La Fabbrica dei Giovani on stage at the Veneranda Fabbrica Pavilion in Expo on the 24th July, expression of a meeting for almost two hundred young musicians from 16 Countries of the world.

And more: it is now possible to experience again the opening of the exhibition of the artworks by Tony Cragg on the Terraces of the Duomo di Milano, held on the 16th April, the inauguration of the new lighting system of the Cathedral, presented by His Eminence the Cardinal Angelo Scola Archbishop of Milan on the 1st May, the great restoration of the Church of San Gottardo in Corte on the 5th May, the Moses by Rossini, and more.

A cooperation, with Mediaset and, in particular, with the TGCOM24 editorial staff, that takes part in the popular path of the Fabbrica, within the frame of sharing and opening the Duomo di Milano to the citizens, to Europe and to the World, to give everyone the chance to discover and enjoy the extraordinary treasures of the Milan Cathedral, and record what is being realised during these months.

Thanks to this cooperation, in the next months will also continue the live broadcasting on Retequattro of ten Sunday Masses in the Duomo di Milano.