11 September Sep 2015 1715 2 years ago

Great Construction Sites: the monitoring of the Duomo's marble goes on

The commitment of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo to the protection of the Cathedral

The beginning of September marked the start of the periodic activity of inspection and monitoring of the fronts and of the sides of the Cathedral. Twice a year, a team of skilled workers provides, through the aid of a platform installed at the extremity of a long arm of a crane, a complete inspection of the architectural elements that the vertiginous walls of the Cathedral rise above the development of its perimeter.

According to the weather, the operation lasts from six to ten days and involves all levels of the Technical Area of the Cathedral. With the most modern cranes, the marble-cutter may so inspect and cense all parties monitored, under the control of the Site Manager and informing the Site Director; when there is the need of a put in security of some parts, assessing whether working independently or involving the Marble-Cutter Site of via Brunetti, where everything is ready without involve the Candoglia Quarry. The tight schedule within which verify do not allow, in fact, to make use of material held in marble quarry. The Technical Office, received the indications on the state of conservation, provides time to time to update the drawing which documents every architectural vicissitude of the Cathedral, to assess the state of conservation and program the maintenance interventions.

100 spires, 30.000 square meters of prospects, 40 large windows, 10 crane positioning, about 250 hours of work of specialized technical staff are the numbers of the commitment that twice a year the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo faces in the sign of its secular path.