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6 November Nov 2015 1448 2 years ago

The Madonnina leaves Expo Milano 2015

The 1:1 copy of the symbol of Milan returns at the ancient Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice

With the end of Expo Milano 2015, after six months and millions of visitors, the 1:1 copy of the Madonnina, realised by the Fonderia Nolana Del Giudice and donated to the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, left the area of the World Fair. 

At ten o' clock on Wednesday 4th November, the day on which Ambrosian Church celebrates the Solemnity of St. Charles Borromeo, the dismantlement works of the Madonnina began at the Veneranda Fabbrica Pavilion, located along the Decumano: with the arrival of the means of transport and the support used during the assembly. The workers momentarily removed the crown of the statue so as not to damage it; the Madonnina was then lifted and, in about ten minutes, it was drawn from the pivot that supported it, to be placed on the side walk of the Pavilion.

Before proceding with the transport, the sculpture was moved into stable position by transferring it in a specific cage placed at 90° to the ground, to be then wrapped with protection materials.

At this point the return voyage began, towards the Fonderia Del Giudice in Nola, in Naples province, where, in the next month, a general check of the entire statue will be carried out, together with the necessary cleaning operations and a check of the gilding.

All of this, while waiting to continue its dialogue with the world, through new projects and initiatives that will let the symbol of Milan to keep being a protection sign for everyone, beyond any cultural and geographical barrier.