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16 November Nov 2015 0900 2 years ago

Waiting for Christmas at the Duomo Shop

From the 15th November, discover Christmas new arrivals for your gifts

The Duomo Shop lights up to prepare for Christmas with many new products.

Come to the shop and discover, among the many gift ideas for adults and children: snow globes, decorations, angels and Nativity scenes in the most classic Christmas colours.

Make your Christmas really “Duomo Inspired” and do not miss the chance to give the Duomo to your loved ones.

This year for your gifts choose the Duomo: with your purchase, you will support its restoration!

Snow globes collection
There is nothing more linked to Christmas than a snow globe, a simple and magical sight that has always intrigued adults and children. Shake your snow globe and enter the fantastic world of Christmas.

Choose in our wide collection among different themes: Nativity, Santa Claus, Snowmen, Reindeers, little angels and nice owlets. 

Decoration collection
The tradition of decorating Christmas tree pairs with a solidarity action: many of our decorations are, in fact, top quality fare-trade products, made by hand all over the world by needy mothers to support their families. Decorations are available in various patterns and materials: from traditional tartan fabric to colorful ceramics, up to the most neutral hues suitable for any frame.

Compose your collection and dress your tree with the Duomo di Milano decorations!

Nativity scenes and angels collection
Nativity scenes are the true symbol of Christmas, a must-have object for your home. A marvelous treasure to tell the extraordinary event of the Birth of Jesus. You can choose among different models, big, little and tiny, for yourself or for a gift, among various colours and materials. Decorate your home with the many figures of little angels that you can hang up on your tree, give as little presents to your loved ones, or use as original magnets.

Come discover the new Christmas collections at the DUOMO SHOP and make your Christmas “Duomo Inspired”.

Duomo Shop Barcone
OPENING TIMES– Every day from 9.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
LOCATION – Piazza Duomo, on the Cathedral left side, 20121, Milan.
PAYMENT – cash, ATM and credit cards.