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9 December Dec 2015 1009 one year ago

The Duomo Christmas

At Christmas you can choose to support the activities of the Veneranda Fabbrica for the protection of the Milan Cathedral

On the occasion of Christmas 2015, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano has developed several initiatives to involve citizens to take part in the commitment to support the restoration and protection of the Milan Cathedral.

At Christmas by choosing to support the fundraising project “Get your Spire” with the “Duomo Gift” you make a gesture of great responsibility and love for the cultural and artistic Italian heritage. With your gift you let your family and friends be part of the great effort to protect the Milan Cathedral. Your donation can be dedicated to one of the 135 spires of the Cathedral and your name can be insert in the Donor Register; as a tangible sign of this act to every donor will be given a series of different benefits.

This Christmas the Veneranda Fabbrica has also decided to present "The Panettone del Duomo di Milano", another initiative in support of the restoration of the Cathedral. The Panettone, a symbol of the Milanese tradition, meets the Duomo and turns in an important meaning gift.

At the Duomo Shop, in addition to the Panettone del Duomo di Milano, you can also find many ideas for your Christmas gifts, always in support of the construction and restoration works on the Monument.

For a gift rich of culture and tradition to your loved ones, throughout the month of December 2015 and the new year, different tour in the entire Monumental Comples will be scheduled by the Veneranda Fabbrica, and it will be possible to buy the tickets in advance, a gift full of history and culture.

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