1 March Mar 2016 1240 2 years ago

Eleven events exploring the theme «Living With Conflict, Living Life»

On March 22, the Duomo of Milan will host The Passion of the Christ by Mario Luzi and on March 23 the Passion according to Giovanni for soloists, choirs, and orchestra BWV 245 by Bach. The full program is attached

From February 19 through March 23 eleven free events organized by seven prestigious cultural institutions in Milan - Scuola della Cattedrale, Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, Fondazione Culturale Ambrosianeum, Centro Culturale Corsia dei Servi, Fondazione Culturale San Fedele, Comunità Ebraica, and laVerdi - will animate the city, exploring the theme: «Living With Conflict, Living Life». The first event is scheduled for Friday February 19: the full program is attached. 

Of note, the Duomo will host, on March 22, a representation of the Passion of the Christ by Mario Luzi, directed by Paolo Mettel, narrated by Pino Tufillaro and with lighting installations by Marco Nereo Rotelli. The following day, March 23, the Cathedral will once again welcome the Ensemble laBarocca directed by Ruben Jais with their performance of the Passion according to Giovanni for soloists, choirs, and orchestra BWV 245 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The conflicts of the present day (war, terrorism, pollution, and personal, political, and religious turmoil) and those of always (between man and nature, between people and profit, between innocence and corruption), often violent. For this reason the Dialogues of Lent, a cultural festival that has become part of Milanese tradition, this year offers a rich calendar of events exploring this theme from a spiritual point of view. The premise is simple: the Scriptures too are full of conflict. In the Garden of Eden God says: «I put enmity between thee and the woman.» And earthly paradise leaves Adam and Eve with pain and suffering, by which man will be «persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed» (2 Corinthians 4:9). As for the Gospels, Jesus appears to be in conflict with religious men and merchants, yet at the same time teaches the disciples to oppose evil with the combative tenderness of the Gospel, also dear to Pope Francis.