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14 April Apr 2016 1611 2 years ago

Exploring the Duomo's Terraces

A uniquely evocative location, right in the middle of the city

An evocative location, like no other in the world  
The tableau created by the spires embracing the Cathedral's terraces is irresistibly alluring. From this extraordinary vantage point, visitors can abandon themselves to the Duomo's beauty and contemplate the city from its most emblematic location. This extraordinarily beautiful space, enveloped in nature from sunrise to sunset, with its spectacle of silence and colours, gives life to a place where one feels the full strength of the day as it dawns, but no sense of malaise as it comes to an end..
In fact, the Cathedral's terraces know no darkness: at sunset the Duomo's statues seem to come to life and free themselves from their pedestals, "whispering ancient and secret stories in your ear", as the poet Heinrich Heine wrote almost two centuries ago.
These statues live in another dimension: every spectator can experience the thrill of seeing them come to life against the sky, experiencing first-hand the grandeur that each artist recreates in his or her work. Art creates beauty and restores harmony to society: an equilibrium which is at the very foundation of the Duomo's own identity.

The major restorations of the past three years  
Thanks to its system of interconnecting stairways, the Duomo's terraces helped to facilitate the major restorations taking place on the Cathedral. And the terraces themselves were the subject of a formidable renovation over the past three years in which the entire covering of the central nave was weatherproofed by insulating the roof and substituting the damaged marble slabs, for a thorough restoration.

8,000 square meters of infinite beauty  
The terraces, clad in 60cm thick slabs of Candoglia marble, most of which were put in place during the 19th century, span a surface area of almost 8,000 square meters. The dimensions of the main slab are particularly impressive: corresponding with the Cathedral's central nave, its covers an area of about 1,539 square meters, at an elevation of 65-70 meters.

Guided tours of the Cathedral's terraces
A walk among the Duomo's spires is a unique experience to be had at least once in your lifetime. The Veneranda Fabbrica offers visitors the chance to take a one-hour guided tour of this stunning spectacle browse the "Sunset on the Spires" calendar.