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14 June Jun 2016 1028 2 years ago

A diary which tells the story of the Duomo's energy

Updates from the Duomo's Grandi Cantieri continue to flood in: day after day, the Veneranda Fabbrica helps you find out more about the latest works taking place

Keeping up with the news and updates from the Cathedral's Grandi Cantieri has never been so simple.

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano has chosen to share the progress of works currently being carried out at its eighteen construction sites with the general public, through amazing new images and content, keeping all those interested up to date on what's happening at Milan's most iconic building worldwide.

Between the spires, scaffolding and pediments, through the marble work site in Via Brunetti, past the gates of the city and right to the Candoglia caves, where the Duomo's marble originates, the portal allows you to discover every step of the restoration operations.

A veritable treasure trove of information designed to increase transparency, and to reaffirm the values that the Veneranda Fabbrica has always wanted to declare to the world: its energy is a metaphor for the city, and a heritage that truly belongs to everyone.