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13 September Sep 2016 1100 2 years ago

Perpetua, the pencil dedicated to the Duomo

A New Product at the Duomo Shop: colourful, environmentally friendly, and innovatively designed

To start off a new academic or office year, choose an original and fun object inspired by the Duomo di Milano, perfect for both children and adults.

Among the new products of the month at the Duomo Shop you will find  PERPETUA® The Pencil, a perfect gift idea.

PERPETUA® IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PENCILS – It is truly revolutionary for those who love to write. The first never-ending pencil which can be sharpened as usual but continues to write even without a point, PERPETUA®  is truly unique: made up of a graphite core paired with a non-toxic rubber cap, available in 8 fun colours, it doesn't break if it falls and it has one flat side that prevents it from rolling away.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND MADE IN ITALY – This extraordinary pencil is made with Zantech®, an innovative and environmentally friendly material composed of residue from industrial manufacturing: in this way PERPETUA® recycles graphite which would otherwise be disposed of and no trees are cut down.

PERPETUA® 's exclusive design was awarded the Compasso d'Oro for originality and for the high quality that Made in Italy products are known for. 

SPECIAL EDITION FOR THE DUOMO – Vibrant colours and modern illustrations decorate the cardboard packaging of PERPETUA® “MILANO – IL DUOMO” from the Perpetua Monumental collection, dedicated to the landmarks of Italy's most important cities. When you choose the pencil  with the image of Milan's Duomo and its piazza you are helping to support the Cathedral's restoration.

 Discover PERPETUA® LA MATITA - Special Edition Il Duomo di Milano at the Duomo Shop

MILANO – IL DUOMO by Alisea Recycled & Reused Objects Design for Fusarte
Material: Zantech® environmentally friendly graphite and non-toxic eraser
Colours: yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, green, azure, blue, black.
Made in Italy
Price: € 8,00

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