Veduta In Corrispondenza Dell'altare Della Madonna Dell'albero, Illuminato Dal Nuovo Impianto Luci
23 September Sep 2016 1710 2 years ago

The plan for the Duomo di Milano's new exterior lighting

Major renovations of the monument continue: completion of the Cathedral's lighting project has been entrusted to Engineer Pietro Palladino

After having inaugurated the monument's new interior lighting system on occasion of Expo Milano 2015, a renovation that will be completed in the coming months with the refurbishment of the electrical system, the Veneranda Fabbrica, thanks to the use of the most advanced technology, will continue to uphold its commitment to the project with a new plan that involves the illumination of the Cathedral's external perimeter.

A project with enormous impact and of extraordinary importance for the Duomo: encouraged by the Board of Directors, the Veneranda Fabbrica has decided to move forward with this objective, assuming responsibility for the related costs, with a profound sense of responsibility and in the name of all of the citizens of Milan who see the Duomo's light as an essential element that articulates every moment of their lives.

The final project, entrusted by the Board of Directors to Engineer Pietro Palladino from Studio Ferrara Palladino and Associates, designer of the previous external system and of the internal lighting of the monument, was delivered and approved by the Superintendence at the end of April 2016. The materials – all spotlights that have been custom-built according to aesthetic characteristics and performance – were ordered at the end of July 2016. Deliveries will begin in mid-October.

By the end of December 2016 the following will be installed:

  • spotlights on all of the coverings (the high part of the monument, spires, walkways, three types of windows). The spotlights will be positioned for the most part where the devices for the existing lighting system are installed (created in 1999). 
  •  spotlights for the illumination of the facade (above the buildings located along the perimeter of the square, where the spotlights for the existing lighting system are currently installed).

Furthermore, the spotlights installed on the chains within the Cathedral will be replaced with more efficient ones for back-lighting the windows. The spotlights will be turned on during the Christmas season and will remain on after the Cathedral closes so that passers by may enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the windows lit from within. The Madonnina will also have a new support system for the lights that illuminate her against the Main Spire. The brackets that support the new spotlights will be made from carbon: lightweight and specially designed for the base of the statue.