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20 October Oct 2016 0925 2 years ago

W-LAMP dedicates a lamp to the Duomo di Milano

The Duomo Shop's new collection of eco-friendly and creative lamps

W-Lamp, an American brand established in 2013 and present in Italy since July 2014, dedicates a lamp from its new collection to the international symbol of Milan: the Duomo, and has decided to display it in the Duomo Shop.

W-LAMP is an eco-friendly lamp, with a creative spirit, that unites genius and originality.
The first prototype is made up of three elements: a cardboard base that conceals the electrical wire, the bottle of wine with its box, and a paper shell that, through plays of light and dark, becomes a vehicle for communication and design.

Each W-Lamp is entirely Made in Italy and assembled by hand, with a unique shape that has been specifically studied for practicality, elegance, and sophistication, and that is defined by its use of recycled paper and attention to detail.

W-Lamp honours the Duomo di Milano as the "light of ideas", of which the Monument itself has been the bearer throughout more than seven centuries of history and foresight.

Discover the W-Lamp series at the Duomo Shop. 


Piazza Duomo, lato Vittorio Emanuele
21022 Milano
Orari di apertura:
ogni giorno dalle 10 alle 20