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17 January Jan 2017 1225 2 years ago

Duomo Shop, the new location is waiting for you

The new store will re-open in Piazza Duomo this Spring

Design inspired by the barges used for the transport of marble...

Beginning on Monday, 9 January 2017, the Duomo Shop bids farewell to the "Barcone" [Barge], the temporary structure erected for EXPO2015, to move to an even bigger location this Spring.

Inspired by the boats that once transported marble to the Cathedral, the Barcone represented, for visitors of the Universal Exposition, the Veneranda Fabrrica's centuries-old committment to the construction of the Duomo since 1387.

Inaugurated on 1 May 2015, the Barcone housed the Duomo Shop for over a year and a half, next to the ticket office of the Duomo's Monumental Complex: here, in the Veneranda Fabbrica's official store, visitors from around the world could purchase designer objects and unique and original pieces inspired by the Duomo di Milano, thus supporting future restorations of the Cathedral with their generosity.

The Duomo Shop's adventure doesn't end here, with so much still on the horizon for the residents of Milan and for the future tourists who will visit the monument in the coming months.

… What surprises are in store for the upcoming reopening?

This Spring the new Duomo Shop will re-open, in a large and renovated store that is currently under construction, and that will welcome visitors interested in exploring new perspectives of this symbol of Milan.

Here shoppers will be able to choose from among many souvenirs and gift ideas from the NEW DUOMO MILANO official collection. The proceeds from every purchase will contribute to funding the Cathedral's restorations, thus supporting the restorers who work hard each day to maintain the beauty of the delicate spires, under constant and daily care for over six centuries.

Keep up the Duomo's restorations in the Restoration Journal.

The Venerada Fabbrica thanks everyone who, through their purchases at the DUOMO SHOP, have chosen to support the restorations of the Duomo di Milano and invites each of you to come back and visit the new store this Spring, browsing the new products of the #DUOMOMILANO official collection.

Let's look back together at the DUOMO SHOPS best moments.

Browse the products that you can order directly online from the Limited Edition Collection.

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