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22 March Mar 2017 1027 one year ago

“La Colomba del Duomo”, an exclusive sweet to support the symbol of Milan

Celebrate an ethical Easter, support the Restoration Sites and order now your traditional cake

Tastiness for the beauty of the Duomo
This year too you can support “Get Your Spire” and the Duomo restoration works by purchasing “La Colomba del Duomo” in a special Limited Edition produced by G. Cova & C., realized exclusively with the highest quality ingredients in full respect of the traditional recipe, leavened naturally., in the precious craft wrapping or in the practical travel size to share with your friends and relatives the goodness of the typical Milanese Easter product in form of a dove.

Besides the quality, you will give a great gesture of love for the Cathedral: your purchase will support the restoration of the fragile Spires, participating in a really practical way to the care that the Veneranda Fabbrica for more than 600 years dedicated to the symbol of Milan.

With your purchase you’ll gain the right to link forever your gesture to the Cathedral’s history: your name or your loved ones’ will be written in the Donors Register, both on paper and online, as a supporter of the Veneranda Fabbrica in the fundamental protection commitment carried on for over 600 years towards the Monument, symbol of Milan all around the world.

A special initiative for your Company
By purchasing “La Colomba del Duomo” for your best clients or employees, you can write the name of your Company in the Donors Register, benefiting from a unique vehicle to communicate the Company’s commitment towards the Duomo di Milano and giving visibility to the corporate logo in the specific section of the “Get Your Spire” website.

Order “La Colomba del Duomo” by March 31st writing to Duomo Shop and get it at the new store, which will open this Spring.


La Colomba del Duomo di Milano
Traditional recipe, leavened naturally
100 gr travel size: 4,90 €
750 gr size precious craft wrapping: 14,90 € (from April 22 promotional rate of € 10.00, while supplies last).

Available while stocks last.

On sale from April at the Duomo Shop

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