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12 April Apr 2017 1200 one year ago

The Duomo Shop reopens within Ticket Office 1 - Sala delle Colonne

A renovated location, inspired by the elegant lines of the Duomo di Milano, intended to welcome visitors and facilitate their experience within the monumental complex

A location of great historical value, connected directly to the Grande Museo del Duomo and facing out onto the Cathedral, which contains the Ticket Office and the Duomo Shop in a single, innovative, and elegantly designed space. An experiment in integrated management and the strengthening of reception and information services provided to visitors, which will open to the public on Thursday, 6 April 2017 and will remain open every day of the week.

The new Duomo Shop represents the culmination of a new strategy for welcoming the millions of tourists and worshippers who visit the Duomo each year, a project that began with Expo Milan 2015 and that is in line with international museum standards.

The Shop is located in Sala delle Colonne, the new location of Ticket Office 1, half way through the visitor's route of the Grande Museo del Duomo, so as to give everyone the opportunity to purchase the museum guide as well as various authentic designer objects from the Duomo's official collection.

A tourist reception area equipped with many services, designed to respond to the needs of visitors from around the world and to make their visit to the international symbol of Milan an unforgettable experience.


Entering Ticket Office 1 – Sala delle Colonne, immersed in a unique and engaging setting, subdivided according to themes and experiences, the Duomo Shop offers the opportunity to purchase printed materials for one's visit to the Grande Museo del Duomo, official publications of the Veneranda Fabbrica, and all of the products of the official "Duomo Milano" collection, so that one may relive and complete the experience of visiting the international symbol of Milan. A highly curated and intriguing selection of articles and gift ideas that are updated constantly, with particular attention to Made in Italy products, and numerous creative souvenirs to take with you so that you may always remember the thrill of your visit.

Furthermore, it's important to remember that every purchase at the Duomo Shop is an important contribution towards the restorations of the Cathedral and the "Get Your Spire" fundraiser, a simple and effective gesture that helps to support the beauty of the Duomo di Milano.


In keeping with the clean and refined style of the Sala delle Colonne, characterized by a double row of neoclassical columns, the interiors were designed to enhance the elegant splendour of the spaces through the consistent use of Candoglia marble. In fact, the hand-made decorative elements preserve the delicate colours while pairing them with a simple and modern design.

The entrance foyer, with its display of processed, semi-processed, and rough Candoglia marble, enhanced by the photographic narration of the Diario dei Cantieri [Restoration Diary],  completes a visit to the museum. A space in which to represent the ongoing story of the Cathedral's construction and restoration.

The monitors, positioned behind each desk, provide information useful to visitors, documentaries, and more in-depth information about the Veneranda Fabbrica and its cultural assets, including the Cathedral Choir and the Archives.

An efficient, practical, and evocative space. A place where each visitor can feel truly welcomed and as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves. A place that enhances not only the Grande Museo del Duomo, but the entire monumental complex.


Piazza del Duomo, 14/a
Open every day from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm
Also accessible from within the Grande Museo del Duomo (Tuesday to Sunday)