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8 June Jun 2017 1216 one year ago

Exclusive #DuomoShop T-Shirts for summer from June

Discover the new t-shirts in lots of colours and patterns inspired by the Duomo di Milano

Summer is coming to Milan! Discover the exclusive collection of t-shirts inspired by Milan's Duomo in a wide range of lively, bright colours, available in various sizes for women, men and children. From June, the Duomo Shop offers visitors and friends of the Duomo countless surprises, as well as a gift of a souvenir to remind you of your day amongst the 135 spires and impressive rose-coloured Candoglia marble columns!

Discover the Duomo T-Shirt collection!


A t-shirt designed for modern women with a style that is both casual and classic at the same time, and which, with its slim-line elasticated cotton, gives a feminine and elegant look. The profile of the Duomo of Milan is revealed in the “thin stripes” of the pattern.


Designed for modern men who love to live their days in pursuit of movement and practicality, in soft cotton that will stand the test of numerous washes. The geometric design gives a uniquely modern and innovative take on the shape of the Duomo.


The line of t-shirts thought up for little ones, with fun and highly coloured prints, a true infusion of happiness for adults and children. The line is characterised by an amusing “Laughing Duomo” design, since every moment of play and sharing leaves behind a memory of joy and a smile!


A cascade of tiny silhouettes of the Duomo in a random, cheerful and dynamic pattern. A simple design that creates a casual garment to be worn every day with style and elegant simplicity.

Every purchase you make at the Duomo Shop will be an important contribution to the restoration of the Duomo of Milan.

Duomo Shop
Piazza Duomo 14/A
20122 Milan
Open every day from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm