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25 August Aug 2017 0900 one year ago

The new Duomo Bags Collection at the Duomo Shop

Plenty of fashionable colours for rucksacks, clutches and wallets

For summer, a new product has arrived at the Duomo Shop: the DUOMO BAGS Collection by IF Bags. This line of colourful rucksacks, clutches and wallets is teeming with original, creative style, made just for the Duomo of Milan and dedicated to those who are active and always on the go.

The new line features the Made in Italy quality, hand-crafted workmanship and eco-sustainability of IF Bags, a brand that embraces the values of simplicity, linearity and respect for the environment.

The original design which won the public over with the secret of simplicity joins with the beauty of the symbol of Milan to create a collection exclusively for the Duomo Shop: rucksacks, clutches and wallets are customised with the official, unmistakeable logo of the Duomo, embossed on the famous wood element which IF Bags are known for, so you can always carry a memento of the monument, the symbol of Milan throughout the world, with you.

Entirely lined in striped cotton and featuring simple details, even the multi-use sachet accessories (which can be coordinated to match your rucksack and clasped within them via a colourful zip) are in eco vegan leather.

Coral, cappuccino, tobacco, mint: there’s an abundance of choices among the 11 new colours in the range, all of them lively, refined and with distinct personality.

Carry your memory of the Duomo around with you!

Discover the exclusive DUOMO BAGS Collection by IF Bags

Your purchase from the Duomo Shop helps support the Duomo of Milan.

DUOMO BAGS Collection
by IF Bags
Limited Edition
Made in Italy
100% Eco Vegan Leather

Available exclusively at the

Piazza Duomo, 14/A - 20122 Milan
Open daily from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm