Tomba Tettamanzi 3
4 September Sep 2017 1053 one year ago

The Virgo Potens altar: the resting place of Cardinal Tettamanzi

It contains the urn with the body of the Blessed Cardinal Schuster

Over the last few weeks the Duomo has seen a continuous stream of worshippers who have come to pay their respects to  Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop Emeritus of Milan, who passed away on 5th August

At the end of the funeral which was held on Tuesday 8th August, presided over by Card. Angelo Scola, Card. Dionigi Tettamanzi was buried in the Cathedral, at the foot of the Virgo Potens Altar, in the south aisle (on the right-hand side of the Duomo).

The interment was carried out by the Veneranda Fabbrica staff

The altar is also called “Santa Maria della Neve” [St. Mary of the Snow]. The original painted altar-piece depicted the Virgin with St. Roch and St. Victor. The company of these saints had their headquarters in this chapel. The work, by Camillo Cerbelloni (1593 – 1594), is no longer displayed on the 18th century altar, and is currently kept in the Veneranda Fabbrica Archives. 

The present-day marble altar-piece was moved there in 1893 from the penultimate  left-hand bay: it was sculpted in high relief by a stone-cutter probably from the Rhine, in 1393. It depicts the Virgin with St. Paul and St. Catherine, and was given to the Duomo by Jacomolo da Venezia (1396). The altar statuary goes back to the 16th century, and also the St. Anne by Michele Prestinari on the tympanum.

Today the altar contains the urn with the body of the Blessed Card. Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster (1880 – 1954), Archbishop of Milan from 1929 to 1954, beatified by John Paul II in 1996.

The cardinals Eugenio Tosi (1864 – 1929), Archbishop of Milan from 1922 to 1929, and Giovanni Colombo (1902 – 1992), Archbishop of Milan from 1963 to 1979, are buried at the foot of the altar.