Panettone Duomo Milano 2017
24 October Oct 2017 1046 one year ago

Duomo Shop, the “Panettone del Duomo di Milano” is on its way

Order or purchase this limited edition of Milan's most famous sweet now, and support "Get Your Spire"

The "Panettone del Duomo di Milano” initiative is back, featuring the classic Milanese cake prepared by the famous Giovanni Cova & C. bakery for the Duomo di Milano, available exclusively at the Duomo Shop starting in October, the official Veneranda Fabbrica retail point located within Ticket Office n. 1 – Sala delle Colonne (piazza Duomo 14/a).

Don't miss out on this special Limited Edition!  It's quick and easy to order your today by simply filling out the online form:


You can order, pick-up, or purchase your panettone online or in the store. Home delivery is also possible upon request with exceptional promotional offers (methods and conditions at the time of purchase).

We're waiting for you at the Duomo Shop!

Panettone in support of the Cathedral's restorations

A new year and new resolutions, including renewing your participation in the "Get Your Spire" project. In fact, by purchasing the "Panettone del Duomo di Milano", you make a contribution to various restoration projects currently under wary in the Cathedral and, in so doing, are automatically registered in the Veneranda Fabbrica's List of Donors.You name will be preserved for centuries to come in the registries of the Historic Archives and published online on the Duomo's official website.

Become a donor and, with just this small gesture, support the monument that is the symbol of Milan and Gothic architecture around the world!

An ancient and delicious recipe, with the unmistakable quality of Milan's haute pâtisserie

The "Panettone del Duomo di Milano” is thus not only a symbol of solidarity with a cultural project, but, thanks to the collaboration with Giovanni Cova & C., is also an emblem of quality. The historic Milanese pastry shop still prepares its panettone according to the original recipe, proofing the dough and using only highest quality ingredients:wheat flour; fresh orange, citron, and lemon peels; raisins; and fresh egg yolks.

Available in a 500 g version, perfect for visitors just passing through or as a gift for friends and co-workers, and in the more traditional 1 kg version with exclusive packaging that features the elegant and characteristic marble decorations of the Duomo, from embellishments to embrasures.

Special Corporate Gifts

For Christmas your company can choose to give an elegant and supportive gift to its employees, clients, and friends. In choosing the "Panettone del Duomo di Milano”, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustaining the Duomo's restorations by personalizing the greeting cards with a special message dedicated to "Get Your Spire" and publishing the logo with the name of the company online, which will be visible on the Duomo's official website.

Exclusive gifts and personalized benefits for each order.

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Limited Edition for "Get Your Spire"
Baked by Giovanni Cova & C.
Sizes: 1 kg e 500 g
Exclusive Packaging
Available while supplies last

Where to purchase and order

Piazza Duomo 14/a
20122 Milan
Open every day from 8am to 6:30pm
Closed 25 December