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8 November Nov 2017 1522 one year ago

October 2017 marked the fourth edition of the Month of Music

A joyous celebration of the Duomo and its Infinite Fabbrica!

There comes a time in which it is necessary to pause and listen, immersing oneself in a deeper dimension, in the name of a universal language that is accessible to all, beyond every geographical and cultural limit:
the language of music
”. It was thus that Msgr. Gianantonio Borgonovo, Archpriest of the Duomo di Milano, introduced the fourth edition of the Month of Music, an annual Milanese initiative that recently came to a close for this year.

The musical festival, made up of five concerts, wanted to honour an occasion of great importance to the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano: the 630th anniversary of its foundation, celebrating this infinite journey of the people, which for over half a millennium has been carving its most courageous story into stone, a mission that is both ancient and ever new, and which the historic institution founded by Gian Galeazzo Visconti in 1387 perpetuates through the many restoration works and cultural initiatives that have always accompanied its life.

To celebrate the anniversary, the 2017 concerts revisited the sources of the Cathedral's musical history, selecting a program which featured the pueri cantores of the Cathedral Choir, part of the Musical Chapel of the Duomo di Milano, the oldest cultural institution in the city, continuously active since 1402 and directed by Don Claudio Burgio, and the powerful and majestic Great Organ, entrusted to the skilful hands of Emanuele Carlo Vianelli and  Alessandro La Ciacera.

Two realities: one is the Cathedral Choir, the other is the Organ, true voices of the Duomo itself since its birth.

A late-romantic reinterpretation of the old composers, through the velvety soft sounds of the Organ, opened the Month of Music on 5th October, when Maestro Vianelli chose to honour Widor and Vierne 80 years after their death, pay a tribute to Marco Enrico Bossi, and perform a beautiful transcription of Bach's Air on the G String. On 12th October a song of praise, thanks, and celebration: “Plena Est Terra Gloria Eius!”, composed by the Director of the Duomo's Cathedral Choir, Don Claudio Burgio, joyously welcomed Msgr. Mario Delpini, Archbishop of Milano, who this past 24th September took his place in the Cathedral.On 19th October the spectacle of lights, visual effects, and colourful sounds of Maestro La Ciacera thrilled the audience, revisiting the works of Messiaen, Debussy, and Vierne. Old world musical instruments, plucked by the Medieval Music Ensemble of Milan's Claudio Abbado Municipal School of Music, created a truly magical atmosphere in the Cathedral on 24th of October and, finally, the Duomo's Cathedral Choir closed the festival in the Church of San Gottardo in Corte with Ambrosian  liturgical hymns from the rich patrimony of scores composed specifically for the Duomo di Milano.

A combination of architectural and musical harmonies, a long journey paved in stone and in prayer to the infinite spirit, beyond time and limits, whose hard work is transformed everyday into its true song.See you next year!