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13 November Nov 2017 1738 one year ago

Plenty of wonderful ideas for Christmas at the #DuomoShop

As you shop this year, choose to make a gift of solidarity for the benefit of arts and culture.

Starting in November, the Duomo Shop will warm up with the festive colours of holiday cheer, good tidings and surprises for Christmas!
There are plenty of gift ideas in the shop - small, original presents for adults as well as children, home decorations, and items to create or embellish your Christmas corner with.
Plus, don’t forget: with each purchase, you’re expressing solidarity with arts and culture by contributing to the restoration works of the Duomo di Milano.


Deck your tree with the Duomo’s fair-trade decorations and festoon your celebrations with light and tradition through a greeting card, a colourful snow globe, ceramic bell, magnet or advent calendar, a simple yet magical spectacle that has captivated children and adults alike for ages.
Enter the wonderful world of Christmas, choosing from among many models to create your nativity scene. 

For your gifts, choose the Xmas Duomo Collection

Thanks to our collaboration with Giovanni Cova & C., a historic Milanese bakery, “The Panettone of the Duomo of Milan” has become a larger cultural project of support and sharing. Our panettone is a symbol of quality, still produced following the ancient recipe with natural leavening and nothing but the finest ingredients: wheat flour, fresh orange peel, candied citron and lemon, sultana raisins and fresh egg yolks.

It’s available in a 500g confection, perfect for those visiting the city or as a present for friends and colleagues, or in the more traditional 1kg confection, wrapped in a special package which features the characteristically elegant marble details of the Duomo amid snowflakes and the falconature which crown the cathedral.

Discover all the Christmas gift ideas in the Duomo Shop

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