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Stone Baldachins

Some details of statues at the Duomo di Milano: Duomo Tours and walks amidst the Spires will continue in July and August.

Considering the many decorative architectural elements that adorn the thousands of statues that enhance the beauty of the symbol of Milan in the world, the “baldachin” is a detail worthy of notice. The name instantly calls to mind the rich fabric structures that were used during certain religious ceremonies, especially processions with the Holy Eucharistic, when the Blessed Sacrament is taken from the tabernacle and carried amidst the people.

The “baldachin” crowns the statues located on the external walls of the Duomo, with the dual function of both decorating and protecting the statues from the rain.

The baldachins at the Cathedral feature two main decorative motifs. The first, which is one of the most recurrent in Gothic architecture, uses small pyramids to decorate the base of the tympanum by placing them in sequence to form a festoon. The second motif is the temple-like baldachin on the external arch of the archivolt that adorns the three windows of the apse. They depict temples and houses, according to either actual or imaginary models.

These and many other interesting details await you during the “Duomo Tours”, the guided tours proposed by VenerandaFabbrica to explore the Monument. An itinerary that commences from the roots of the Cathedral, in the Archaeological Area, and takes you right up to the sky, to the Terraces. And for those who enjoy spending time on the city’s most extraordinary balcony at sunset, the “Walks amidst the Spires” will continue in July and August.

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