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12 September Sep 2018 1047 4 months ago

Alipay - a new synergy at the Duomo Shop

Pay with the Alipay APP to receive a 10% discount on your purchases.

Alipay: the revolutionary platform that counts over 870 million registered users, has been installed at the Duomo Shop with convenient cashless payment systems, which can be accessed through POS terminals.

Now, all tourists and visitors registered on the Alipay APP can make their payments using the smartphone through the mobile payment service at the Duomo's official point of sale, thus instantly receiving a 10% discount at the cash desk.

Moreover, the application allows access to many exclusive promotional and dedicated offers.

An innovative synergy has been established with Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano to organise hospitality services at the cultural centres and in the main Italian targets, thus improving the experience of the visit and meeting the need of Far Eastern visitors for instant efficient services and reliability.

It is a sign of attentive hospitality towards Chinese cultural tourists who are increasingly interested in especially exploring the beauty of the Italian historical and artistic heritage and, specifically, of the Monument, symbol of Milan in the world, without forgetting the quality and exclusive nature of “made in Italy” as line of products available at the Duomo Shop. Indeed, the purchase of select items offers an opportunity to appreciate the care given to the choice of brand, design and materials, and also to support the renovations of the Milanese Cathedral, which is yearly visited by more than 2 million tourists from all parts of the world to admire its majestic uniqueness.

With your purchases at the Duomo Shop
you contribute to the renovation works at the Duomo di Milano

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