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A new online experience for exploring the Duomo

Making your visit to the Cathedral even better

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“It would perhaps be precise to say that the times are three: the present of the past, the present of the present, and the present of the future. These three kinds of time exist in some way in the soul and not elsewhere: the present of the past is memory, the present of the present is vision, and the present of the future is expectation.” (Saint Augustine)

The Duomo di Milano is transforming and implementing its awareness, transparency and usability on the net thanks to our new dynamic, interconnected, engaging and upgraded website. Created thanks to the consolidated collaboration with SHIBUILAB, the website features a renewed interface and graphics, is more manageable and intuitive, rich in content, images and video, and simpler to navigate. The new Duomo website will optimise user experience, creating a more enthralling synergy between look and feel.

By combining the various sections of the previous site - the Duomo, the Museum and the Archives - in one of “Culture and Art” allows us to facilitate the traceability of useful information such as opening times, conventions and concessions as well as giving you in-depth news and trivia regarding the immense artistic, archival and musical patrimony owned by the Veneranda Fabbrica and conserved in the Museum and the secular Archive, the historical depository available to all.

The introduction of the calendar which compiles all of the celebrations and events, including concerts, educational activities, scheduled and thematic guided tours in Italian and English, allows a more immediate visibility and ease of booking in just a few steps with a smarter process, automated so as to facilitate and assist tourists in the cognitive and organisational phase, guiding them in choosing the most suitable tour based on their time and interests.

Guaranteed and available to worshippers, the “Liturgical Life” section describes the first purpose of the Duomo as the visible symbol of the unity of the entire Ambrosian Church and the seat of the Archbishop’s Chair. The necessary information regarding access to the areas reserved for prayer, times of services and confession, as well as critical interpretation of the Sunday Ambrosian Readings given by Monsignor Gianantonino Borgonovo, Archpriest of the Duomo, will be reported.

In the section “Guided Tours and Incentives” are grouped the various activities and tour proposals offered by the Veneranda Fabbrica, divided by audience type: individual or group tours, children and families, schools and universities, parishes and subsidised groups, and M.I.C.E. events and incentives. This last item is addressed in particular to companies and businesses wishing to offer their guests and clients a tailor-made experience through the creation of personalised packages outside ordinary visiting hours.

The section dedicated to Donations has been renewed too. In addition to the fundraising campaign “Get Your Spire. Carve your name in history” which carefully maps and interprets the iconology of each of the 135 spires which give the Duomo its profile, thus perpetuating the history of the participation of the Milanese people in the construction and restoration of the Cathedral, we are also opening the door to new projects, new ways of finding resources and involving visitors, such as the one for the Organ which is in its start-up phase.

Finally, the page dedicated to the Duomo Shop, the official store of the Veneranda Fabbrica, and launch pad for a future e-commerce platform.

Now it’s time to leave you to explore and discover the site on your own, reminding you subscribe to the Veneranda Fabbrica’s monthly newsletter so you can keep up to date on our initiatives, conferences and events… enjoy!