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A “THANK YOU” for starting stronger than before

The Veneranda Fabbrica thanks those who have shown their proximity to us despite the distance

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16 June Jun 2020 0913 16 June 2020

“Thank you to all the Donors who have supported us in the past year, to share together the challenges of 2020” . In January we wrote this sincere thanks in confidence in the new chapter that was about to start, but no one would have expected that the new year would strike and bring Milan and the entire Country to kneel. But even in difficulties, the Veneranda Fabbrica has been continued to receive the warmth of its Donors, who showed their closeness to the Duomo.

The Veneranda Fabbrica thanks each one of you, because it is possible to create something great and unique even in difficult times if we remain united.

The last weeks have seen the restarting of the restoration works, the services with a congregation and the reopening of the Monumental Complex of the Duomo to tourists, in compliance with all the regulations in force. Today the Duomo is the symbol of a city that is ready to start again together with its citizens and those who feel close to this symbol of art and faith. Our commitment can continue along with yours: by dedicating a donation to your loved ones you can contribute to the gradual recovery of the restorations of this great Monument, becoming part of its history.

It will also be possible send to donazioni@duomomilano.it a short story that links you to the Duomo and that led you to donate or received a donation as a gift. Your story can be published on our web site in the monthly column 'Donor’s History'.

The work is huge, and your support becomes everyday more and more important.

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