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Updates to the obligation of Green Pass for the tourist visit to the Monumental Complex

From 6th December 2021

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From 6th December 2021 to access to the Historical Complex of duomo of Milan for touristic purpose (Duomo - tourist area; Archaeological Area, Duomo Terraces, Duomo Museum and Church of San Gottardo in Corte) in white or yello zone it is mandatory to show the Green Pass (Green certification COVID-19 / EU digital COVID certificate) at the entrance gates.

The Basic Green Pass is issued following recovery from the disease (valid for 6 months); 15 days after the administration of the first dose or the single dose of the primary vaccination course (valid for 9 months from the last dose); following a rapid or molecular swab (validity 48 hours). The provisions do not apply to children under 12 and to persons exempt on the basis of suitable medical certification. For more information on issuing the Green Pass: www.dgc.gov.it. As per the provisions of the Ministry of Health, the green certifications issued by the USA, Japan, Canada and Israel are also valid.

In Orange Zone or to attend concerts and live events it is mandatory to show the Reinforced Green Pass at the entrance gates, for all visitors aged 12 and over.

This certification involves ones having started the primary vaccination course with one of the EMA-approved vaccines: BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen Parmaceutica NV, or being healed from COVID-19 infection for no more than 180 days.

This measure, envisaged for museums, other institutes and places of culture, was adopted by the Italian Government with D.L. 26 novembre 2021, n. 172 and it will remain valid, until a date to be decided.

Consult the Regulations for access to the Monumental Complex of the Milan Duomo


The methods of access to the area reserved for Christian prayer in the Milan Duomo remain unchanged (which do not require a Green Pass) and which continue to follow the protocols already adopted in recent months, in particular the Memorandum signed on 7th May 2020 by the Italian Government and the Episcopal Conference of Italy and the indications of the Archdiocese of Milan on 26th July 2021.

For more information:
Duomo Info Point
Piazza Duomo 14/a - 20122 Milano