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The restoration of Milan Duomo's Aquilonare Sacristy

A new milestone for the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo

10 January Jan 2022 1500 10 January 2022

Today the Veneranda Fabbrica is celebrating an important new milestone: the completion of the restoration of Milan Duomo's Aquilonare (or "northern") Sacristy.
An ambitious project that started in 2018 and has continued for three years, bringing to light surprising details of one of the Cathedral's oldest areas: new lighting illuminates the decoration on the majestic doorway (which dates back to the 14th century) and its original colours, the starry design of the floor, the 17th-century vaults frescoed by Camillo Procaccini, together with the marble walls and what remains of a centuries-old terracotta door, re-emerging from the mists of time.

Amongst the many projects that the Veneranda Fabbrica has undertaken at a rapid pace, following the impetus of Expo2015, the just-completed restoration can certainly be counted as one of the most important. In fact, it reveals what the Cathedral may have looked like in its early days and opens up new perspectives on the study and interpretation of the hypotheses regarding the beginning of the Cathedral's construction and its original project.

An incredibly important project for the Veneranda Fabbrica, which was completed thanks to the support of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Regione Lombardia, the restoration, carried out by the Fabbrica's workers with the assistance of restoration professionals such as Cinzia Parnigoni, Paola Zanolini and Eros Zanotti, with their collaborators, was also able to take advantage of the help of Mapei's technical structure, invaluable for solving some complex problems concerning the materials to be used for the restoration.
This concentrated effort represented the key starting point for the enhancement of an area at the service of the Cathedral's liturgical life, though not only.

Before returning to its primary function, in service of the Ambrosian liturgy that has its heart in Duomo, from 11 December to 26 february 2022, it will be possible to visit the Aquilonare Sacristy through a series of guided tours organised by the Veneranda Fabbrica, bookable from the official website at duomomilano.it.


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