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From 7 March, the renewed voice of the Organ will resound in the Cathedral

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Open rehearsals every Sunday in the Museum of the Music Chapel

Grande Organo Del Duomo Di Milano 13 © Veneranda Fabbrica Del Duomo Di Milano
1 March Mar 2022 1751 01 March 2022

A new, extraordinary opportunity for all visitors to the Duomo Historical Complex, a prelude to the upcoming spring.

Starting on Monday, 7 March 2022 and then following every Monday and Wednesday from 4pm to 4.45pm and every Friday from 3pm (with the exception of Friday, 8 April, Holy Week, and Easter Monday), all visitors to Milan Duomo will have the opportunity to listen to the majestic sound of the Cathedral's Organ: Italy's largest pipe instrument – with over 15,800 pipes – and among the top ten largest in the world.

Thus the Organ's melodies will merge with the Cathedral's architectural harmonies, giving a true musical accompaniment to the visit, in a profoundly suggestive atmosphere.

The hands at the Organ's keyboard will alternate between the Principal Organist, Maestro Emanuele Carlo Vianelli, and the Second Organist, Maestro Alessandro La Ciacera. In celebration of these organ moments, the console will be moved so as to be clearly visible to those entering the Cathedral.

An opportunity to discover the complexity of this magnificent instrument, the subject of formidable restoration carried out by the Veneranda Fabbrica, launched in 2019 and still ongoing.

The restoration of a technical giant

Time, care, energy, passion: these are the four fundamental ingredients that are the basis of the restoration of Milan Duomo. In particular, the Organ's work site embraces all of them. In the last year – in spite of the forced interruption caused by the pandemic – the Veneranda Fabbrica's specialised workers, alongside the workshops relied upon for the restoration of some specific parts of this musical giant, have not stopped and have carried on their specific and targeted restorations with great commitment.

After a general inspection of the Organ, the Colzani company took care of the disassembly of the pipes from the northern body, many of which were transported to the workshop for repairs. At the same time, restoration of all the bellows was also carried out using over 500 square feet of leather. The true novelty, however, mainly regards the installation of a new computerised management system of the instrument, truly avant-garde, which has made it possible to connect a new console to the Organ and thus overcoming the operating problems related to the age of the electromechanical components.

Restoration of the instrument's northern section has now been completed, following work on the wooden casings' most complex frieze decorations, and after the accurate harmonisation of the restored pipes and nighttime tuning, in order to maintain maximum silence. As planned, work will continue in 2022 on the northern body, which dates back to the 20th century, with further cleaning and adjustment of the pipes and mechanical parts.

This restoration is possible thanks to the fundamental support of main sponsor Intesa Sanpaolo, in addition to donors to the Veneranda Fabbrica via 5x1000 and the 15,800 Notes for the Duomo fundraising campaign, as well as contributions from the Bracco Foundation and Zucchetti.

Music Chapel open rehearsals every Sunday at the Duomo Museum

And that's not all: the Duomo's sonorous pathways do not stop there. Every Sunday, from 13 March 2022, at 10am, all visitors to the Duomo Museum will have the opportunity to attend the open rehearsals held by the Duomo's Music Chapel, the city's oldest cultural institution, under the direction of Mons. Massimo Palombella inside the Church of San Gottardo in Corte, which is part of the Duomo Museum.

In fact, every Sunday and during public holidays, the Music Chapel accompanies the Eucharist service in Duomo at 11am: the voices of the pueri cantores (young singers: sopranos and altos) and of the male voice choir thus renew the great tradition of Ambrosian music during prayer services.

The cost of entrance to the Duomo Museum remains unvaried. Entrance is also possible with the Culture Pass and Duomo Pass combined tickets.

Furthermore, every Friday, it is possible to consult the music chosen for the 11am Sunday service with the Music Chapel on the official website at duomomilano.it in the Worship with the Music Chapel section. The same pieces will be sung during the open rehearsals held in the Church of San Gottardo in Corte.

For further information:
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