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12 April Apr 2017 1930 one year ago

In the Duomo, Bach's "Passion According to Saint Matthew", a great event for Easter

The Ensemble laBarocca de laVerdi directed by Ruben Jais returns to the Cathedral on Wednesday 12 April 2017 at 7:30pm. Admission free on a first come first served basis

Wednesday 12 April 2017
7:30 pm
Duomo di Milano

Matthäuspassion - BWV 244
by Johann Sebastian Bach
for soloists, choir, and orchestra

an event offered to the city by the
Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo -  Municipality of Milan -  laVerdi

with the contributions of
Distretto Rotary 2041

Ensemble laBarocca
Conductor, Ruben Jais

laVerdi Symphonic Choir
Director, Erina Gambarini

laVerdi Children's Choir
Director, Maria Teresa Tramontin

Presented by
Armando Torno

Free admission subject to availability starting at 7.00 pm

After last year's success in the Duomo with the Passion According to Saint John, the Ensemble laBarocco, the laVerdi Symphonic Choir, and the laVerdi Children's Choir (directed by Ruben Jais, Erina Gambarini, and Maria Teresa Tramontin respectively), will this year perform the Passion According to Saint Matthew (Matthäuspassion) for soloists, choir, and orchestra on Wednesday 12 April at 7:30pm (with free admission subject to availability starting at 7pm).

The Duomo di Milano once again opens its doors for a great concert with an extraordinary evening that will bathe the Cathedral's high Gothic naves in music, naves that for over six centuries have been nourished by prayer and song. An outstanding event, in preparation for Easter, a unique opportunity offered to the entire city, thanks to the collaboration between the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, the Municipality of Milan, and laVerdi, to listen to one of the most intense pieces of holy music ever written, in the heart of a monument that, more so than any other, is in città domus and a place for both meeting and worship for all residents and visitors who come to experience its beauty daily. The event is also promoted with the contribution of the Distretto Rotary 2041.

An international cast of soloists, specializing in this genre, completes the ensemble: soprano Céline Scheen, counter-tenor Pascal Bertin, tenor (Evangelista) Moritz Kallenberg, tenor Arie Nathan Vale, baritone (Jesus) Simon Schnorr, bass Arie Marco Granata, baritone (PPPJ) Lukáš Zeman; with Cristiano Contadin on the Viola da Gamba.

The Passion According to Saint Matthew, a composition of holy music for soloists, two choirs, and two orchestras, with libretto by Christian Friedrich  Picander, and musical transposition of chapters 26 and 27 of the Gospel According to Saint Matthew, interspersed with chorales and arias. It was first performed for an audience in 1727 in Leipzig, in St. Thomas Church, for the Lutheran liturgy on Good Friday.

In order to help facilitate the security checks performed by the public safety authorities at the entrances to the Cathedral, audience members are asked to cooperate by emptying their pockets of metal objects and opening their bags. Please be aware that helmets, glass objects, and suitcases are not permitted inside the Cathedral.

It is recommend that you not bring large bags into the Cathedral.

For additional information please contact:
+39 0272023375