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In memory of Blessed Andrea Carlo Ferrari, Bishop

Eucharistic celebrations 7am - 8am – 11am – 5.30pm

Wed, 1 February Feb 2023 0700 - 1830

The 8.30am celebration in the Crypt is suspended

- 5.30pm Chapter Eucharist

It is possible to follow the 8am and 5.30pm celebrations in streaming on this Site (www.duomomilano.it) from the YouTube channel Duomo Milano TV.

Andrea Ferrari was born in Lalatta di Palanzano (Parma) in 1850 to a very modest family. Ordained a priest in 1873, at the age of 27 he became the rector of the Diocesan Seminary of Parma. Elected Bishop of Guastalla (1890) and Como (1891), in 1894 he became Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan. Alongside his baptismal name he assumed the name Carlo in honour of Saint Charles Borromeo.

An exceptional figure, he constantly sought to meet his people, especially in pastoral visits. He gave new vigour to religious instruction and parish oratories, and established numerous Colleges for the education of young people. Opening himself ever more to the demands of his time, he reconciled and strengthened the Catholic Press and encouraged worshippers to form themselves into a civic, social, and political force, thus animating society with the values of the Gospels. He convened three Diocesan Synods and a Provincial Council, and promoted the National Eucharist Congress, the Sacred Music Congress, and the Catechistic Congress. He looked forward to the Constitution of the Catholic University and the foundation of the social assistance charity that took its name from him. Showing inexhaustible charity during the First World War, he worked to alleviate the suffering of soldiers and their families. The social unrest of 1898, the anti-modernist struggle, and the participation of Catholics in public life were the cause of much incomprehension and suffering for the Cardinal, but they brought to life his rectitude and magnanimity of heart. Afflicted by an incurable illness that deprived him of his voice, he passed away on 2 February 1921. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 10 May 1987.

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