The Cathedral can be accessed from the precinct by means of two side ramps with handrail. The nave and lateral aisles are accessible. 
The room of the Treasury and the Crypt of S. Carlo Borromeo, which are located on the same level, are not served by ramps and can be reached only by a stairway with handrail. 
Due to its underground location, also the Early Christian Baptistery can be reached only by a stairway and has a circular route with uneven floor, numerous steps and gangways with minimum width of 63 cm. The Early Christian Baptistery is accessible to persons with motor disabilities via the MM1 mezzanine; for information write to info@duomomilano.it. Once you have arrived, please notify the Cathedral staff. 
The toilet, located in the Vestry, is small and not equipped with grab rails. 
A lift can be used (entrance 65 cm, interior 113x83 cm) to reach the Cathedral Terraces. The architectural barriers present allow access to the level of the walkways but it is not possible to complete the whole route. The walkways have very narrow spaces and allow only one person through at a time. In order to facilitate your visit to the Terraces, please contact Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano on 02.72022656 or write to info@duomomilano.it
The Baptistery of St. Stephen can be accessed only by stairways. 
Internal procedures require disabled persons to show their disability card so that the ticket office staff can print the free ticket for disabled visitors and their assistants. Information on access for persons with motor disabilities