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Archives and Sala dei Milanesi (Hall of the Milanese)

A visit to the exclusive archives means paging through the day-by-day history of the Duomo and Milan. Since 1387 this precious “diary of the city” has collected testimony large and small related to the construction of the cathedral and the lives of the Milanese involved on a daily basis in the Gran Cantiere (Great Construction).

With accompanying expert guides and archivists from the Veneranda Fabbrica, you can see the “paper treasures” of the archives, first-hand. These are the stories of the professions, events, and economic and social affairs which, over the course of more than six centuries, helped construct the history of the Duomo and its city.

For a truly unique experience, participants may request more involved visits with a personalised theme and length.

Along with guided tours, the sophisticated Sala dei Milanesi may be used for gatherings or meetings. The Sala is connected to the archives and opens onto breathtaking views of the Duomo.

In fact, the Sala dei Milanesi, located within the historic archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica, offers a truly extraordinary view of the cathedral: it looks out onto the apse, which dates to the oldest phase of the Duomo’s construction.

From the windows of the Sala, the famous Madonnina can be seen in all her splendour, an unchallenged symbol of the city of Milan.

Precious historic elements decorate the Sala and connect it to the cathedral: the Canoglia marble floors, the intarsia tables from the cathedral’s sacristy, the stone sculptures created to decorate the spires.

The Sala dei Milanesi is the perfect location for hosting small, exclusive events in a location of inestimable value, in the very heart of the city.

With a reserved entrance from Piazza Duomo and an inner foyer for greeting guests, the facility can accommodate up to 50 people.

The Sala is an ideal place for private meetings or refined cocktail events. Various furnishing arrangements are possible within the Sala as well as catering services. To meet the technical needs of conventions, conferences, seminars or company meetings, the Sala comes with the latest audio-visual equipment.   

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