Sala delle Colonne

Sala delle Colonne (Hall of the Columns)

The Sala delle Colonne, located directly in front of the Duomo, has always been a symbol of Milan and the Milanese.
Its great historic value is undisputed. It was, in fact, part of an ancient building called “Broletto”, which then became Palazzo Visconteo and Sforzesco. In the 1700s, it was transformed by Pierluigi Piermarini to house the stables of the new Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace).

The space is unique for its double rows of neoclassical columns that end with a spectacular close-up view of the cathedral. The neutral and sober colouring of the space allows the Sala to be personalised with the addition of many different types of furnishings, or staged as required.

This ideal and centrally-located private event space can accommodate up to 150 participants in a strikingly beautiful setting of historic interest.

There is a private entrance from Piazza Duomo and a foyer within for welcoming guests. Private guided tours of the Duomo Museum are possible by the direct connection from the Sala.

The latest audio-visual equipment and a Wi-Fi connection are included to meet the technical needs of conventions, conferences, seminars, company meetings, writing presentations, and workshops.

Conditions of service: 

Special openings are available by request from 9.00 am (excluding Sundays and holidays) to 11.00 pm.

Access to the service: 

The service is available to private individuals and/or legal entities subject to verification of:
-the availability and practicability of Museum;

- the status of the applicant;

- the nature of the request.

Requests for special opening of the Sala must be submitted via the application form which can be requested by writing to    

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