The Educational Services of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo offer schools of all levels a number of tours and activities in the Duomo, Archives and Museum, specially devised for children and adolescents to teach them about the great symbol of Milan from the unique point of view of the institution that has been taking care of it for over six hundred years.

Schools can choose between guided tours and educational visits that take the needs of students and teachers into account. The teaching proposal for school year 2018/2019 aims to bring together students of all ages to the history and artistic events related to Cathedral. 

The guided tours will illustrate the most important historical and artistic aspects along standard or customised routes of varying lengths, accompanied by a guide and available in all the main languages. 

All that you need to do is to request a guided tour indicating the type of route (Duomo, Baptistery of St. Giovanni alle Fonti, Terraces, Museum).

On the other hand, by choosing one of the educational visits, now totally revised and divided by age group, students will have an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on a number of specific themes related to the Museum collection and the papers of the Archives. 

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