The Parish of Santa Tecla in the Duomo of Milan

The Parish of Santa Tecla in the Duomo of Milan, together with the Metropolitan Chapter, attends to the liturgical and pastoral life of the Cathedral Church.

The Archpriest of the Metropolitan Chapter holds the office of parish priest of the Parish of Santa Tecla and is aided by three Parochial Vicars.

This parish, which has always been associated with the Cathedral, retains the name of Santa Tecla, who was a disciple of St. Paul and to whom the first Cathedral Basilica of Milan, thought to date from the years immediately following the Edict of Constantine in 313, was dedicated.

St. Ambrose referred to it as the “basilica nova quae major est” and it was the first true purpose-built cathedral built. It was large (67.60×45.30 metres), with a large apse that is still visible under the upper parvis, and its nave and four aisles stretched under the present cathedral square. It can be dated from around the third-fourth decade of the 4th century. Over the centuries it underwent changes, was burnt down and rebuilt, until its gradual demolition in the 15th century, completed in 1461, to make room for the Duomo, which had then been built up to the first bays of the pillars, beyond the transept.