Cultural Activities

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo promotes and sponsors a series of cultural activities and events to raise funds for the restoration of the cathedral and its spires through the Get your Spire project. This intense program unites different artistic fields with music as the common thread, in particular the centuries-long experience of the Cappella Musicale choir. These cultural initiatives open up the Duomo of Milan to the residents of the city, to Europe, and to the whole world, offering visitors an extraordinary opportunity to experience the cathedral, a crossroads of spirituality, culture, and art, through a unique lens.

Through such events, the Fabbrica del Duomo seeks to increase public awareness, not only about the cathedral with its five million visitors each year, but also about its extraordinary heritage, including the Candoglia Quarries, the restoration work sites, the Duomo Museum, the archives and the Cappella Musicale Choir.  The Fabbrica del Duomo has an ongoing commitment to the care and promotion of the cathedral, a mission which it has been energetically pursuing for over six hundred years. 

With the cultural activities programme, the Fabbrica also offers the possibility to visit the marvellous Monumental Complex of the Duomo in a unique way with special openings and after-hours guided tours.