San Gottardo in Corte Palatine Chapel

The Veneranda Fabbrica, after the partial restoration of Palazzo Reale, venue of the Museo del Duomo, took-charge of the restorations for the near St. Gottardo in Corte Church, returning it to Milan city.

As showed in a layout kept at the Veneranda Fabbrica Archive, signed by Tolomeo Rinaldi (1604), the church and the bell “spire tower”, are placed at one corner of the palace: with a project by Francesco Pecorari from Cremona, in 1336 they had been given to the city by Azzone Visconti.

A strongly squared shape distinguishes the church, which has only one nave connected with a semi-octagonal apse: the interior still presents an eighteenth-century layout, as designed during the palace restoration.    

The activities restored all the subtle colors on walls, already hidden by a heavy dark layer, by inspiring also to Azzone Visconti’s mausoleum, carved by Giovanni di Balduccio (on left side of the main altar), and to the great fresco with the Crucifixion (on the inner façade), painted by one of Giotto’s disciples, both two dated at 1340.