Restoration Journal

Major Projects, restoration of the Main Spire


4 November 2016

Restoration of the Duomo's Great Spire, which began in 2010, has almost been completed. Through these images the Diario dei Cantieri [Restoration Diary] shares the conclusion of the work and the subsequent dismantling of the scaffolding still in place at the base.

Scaffolding on the Great Spire as seen from the west

An employee of the Veneranda Fabbrica at work refinishing the new architectural elements

The top of an inverted arch involved in the restoration

The eight inverted rampant arches are fundamental in bracing against and redistributing the enormous pressure they are subject to. In recent years there were signs of a compromised wall structure caused by pollution and the amount of time that had passed since the last restoration, dating back to 1941, before the bombings of WWII.