Restoration Journal

A Restoration that never stops


20 January 2017

Under the watchful gaze of all worshippers and visitors, despite the frigid temperatures, which have created significant problems for those working high up on the scaffolding that surrounds the monument, the Veneranda Fabbrica's restorations continue in the realization and completion of the projects under-way which currently focus on 21 separate points. The freezing temperatures that envelop the city, despite the beautiful sunny days, has also affected tourist access to the terraces in the early hours of the morning (for more information we invite you to look at the "urgent notices" area of our website).

In the past few days, after having turned on the new lighting system for the Madonnina, several teams of workers have been conducting further, small technical tests

Having finished work on the flying buttresses of the tiburio, restorations are now under-way on the Pestagalli spire and on the flying buttresses on the southern side of the Duomo

The total overhaul of the electrical system continues non stop in the Duomo, with the substitution of the pre-existing materials with new materials

Work on the electrical system is incredibly complex because of the passage of wires in hard-to-reach areas and because of its coexistence with particularly delicate elements, like the wood furnishings of the sacristy and the underground areas, where safety and humidity exist alongside the need for energy efficiency and respect for the environment.