Restoration Journal

A crane that touches the sky


3 February 2017

Starting on Monday, 30 January, all residents and tourists of Milan will be treated to an extraordinarily impressive sight: an enormous crane will be positioned along the entire southern side of the Cathedral until 10 February, assisting in the external restorations of the monument. In fact, the Veneranda Fabbrica plans and schedules the work for which the crane is needed in advance, working on several projects at once in order to optimize time and resources.

The crane's arm reaches over 60 meters high, all the way to the Great Spire

The crane brings, up to the terraces, the scaffolding and materials that will be needed for the work on the base of the tiburio and on the cupola as part of the restoration of the Great Spire and for the waterproofing of the roof coverings in the sections currently being restored

That's not all: it will also be used to bring down the scaffolding used for the 204-205 embrasures, the restoration of which as been completed

The crane, which takes several days to assemble and requires highly qualified personnel to handle it, will hoist, up to the terraces, the new structures used by the Veneranda Fabbrica's personnel as guard points during the hours that the terraces are open to the public.