Restoration Journal

New light and energy in the Duomo's vaulted ceilings


10 February 2017

Upon entering the Duomo, the gaze of worshippers and visitors is immediately drawn upwards. A large piece of equipment, called the spider, is in fact positioned each day in a different spot within the Cathedral to allow workers to continue working on a dual and formidable project: the complete overhaul of the monument's internal lighting system (now with the windows) and the total replacement of the electrical system with new materials.

Positioned in the northern transept, the spider reaches nearly 30 meters above the ground

It is an opportune occasion to verify the condition of the Duomo's chains, overall determined to be in fair condition

The new system's cables also wind around the capitals of the Cathedral's 52 columns

The lighting of the windows of the first order from within the Cathedral makes use of LED luminaires installed on chains, virtually in the same positions in which the old projectors were positioned. The project will use 101 250W LED projectors, for a total installed power equal to approximately 25 kW, allowing not only for the façade’s windows to be lit as well, but to be lit even with the presence people inside the monument.