Restoration Journal

Inspecting the Duomo


3 March 2017

At over 60 meters tall, the façade of the Duomo is an immense slab of marble which, each year, the restorers working on the monument examine meter by meter so as to monitor its physical state. A painstaking job that does not end here, but continues with the inspection of the entire exterior surface of the Cathedral.

With the use of a "spider", the Fabbrica's workers manage to climb almost horizontally along the walls so as to observe any potential wear or damage

Over the course of inspections, the most deteriorated elements of the surface are promptly removed so that they may be replaced.

The work is carried out by the Veneranda Fabbrica with the assistance of the Polytechnic University of Milan as part of the scientific collaboration agreement signed in 2015.

The result of these evaluations is incredibly important to the monument. The data is in fact archived and makes it possible to create a detailed map of the Duomo, with one objective: to protect the Cathedral and conduct research which makes it possible to develop a scheduled maintenance plan and identify new and better solutions for future restorations.