Restoration Journal

Where the Duomo reborn


16 March 2017

In recent months, the Restoration Journal has led you across the Duomo's scaffolding and walkways to unveil the great and ongoing restoration which the Veneranda Fabbrica overseas on a daily basis. You have seen new architectural elements replace those that have been worn down over time: the Candoglia marble, of which the monument is constructed, is in fact fragile and delicate and requires constant and perpetual care.

But where do the pieces removed from the Duomo go? Where are new ashlars made? And who makes them?

To answer these questions, we must leave the Cathedral and direct ourselves towards the city gates. The marble workers studio is located at Via Brunetti, near the Certosa station. A workshop filled with ancient knowledge that is passed down "from hand to hand", a place where the Duomo regains its form and where the marble, brought in from the mountains of Val d'Ossola, is transformed into new pieces for the Cathedral.

The workshop has a large interior space which, like passengers in a busy train station, gets crowded with blocks of marble waiting to be processed

Inside the building, each at his own work station, the Fabbrica's marble workers draw and draft the new elements, using those removed from the Duomo as models

These past few weeks the marble workshop has been occupied with the complicated restoration of the flying buttresses of the Gugliotto Vandoni and other spires.

The painstaking work which takes place in the marble workers studio requires considerable financial resources and commitment: a never-ending project to which anyone can contribute through the Get Your Spire:carve your name in history fundraising campaing.