Restoration Journal

Explorers of the Duomo


11 April 2017

Twice a year, a team of specialized workers from the Venerada Fabbrica, using a platform installed at the far end of a crane truck's arm, perform a complete inspection of all of the peaked architectural elements that rise above the vertiginous walls of the Duomo and around its entire perimeter.

These workers, for all intents and purposes, complete a journey of the monument, thoroughly exploring it and listening carefully to what the Duomo has to say to those who know how to listen.

The Fabbrica monitors the marble with the same level of care and attention that a doctor dedicates to his patient

The process takes between six to ten days, depending on weather conditions, and involves all levels of the Duomo's Technical Area

100 spires, 30,000 square meters of façades, 40 large windows, 10 positionings of the crane truck, approximately 250 hours of meticulous work by highly specialized technical personnel: these are the numbers associated with the task

The Technical Office, after having received the results of the inspection, makes sure to update, one by one, the specific drawings with which each architectural vicissitude of the Cathedral is recorded, in order to evaluate the state of preservation and plan for maintenance and restoration.