Restoration Journal

From Val d’Ossola to Milan: the never-ending work of the Fabbrica


12 May 2017

The miracle of the Cathedral is repeated each year both in the Candoglia quarries, amongst the mountains surrounding the Val d’Ossola, and at the Marble Workers' Yard, on the outskirts of Milan, where the marble comes to life and is turned into the Cathedral. The Restoration Diary today takes you to both of these places, to give you an idea of the never-ending work of the Fabbrica.

As the video shows, the blocks are cut with a diamond wire saw while water is used to remove the waste material

Then the blocks are transported to the sawmill for squaring by fixed wire cutting machines At the Marble Workers' Yard, where the new marble from Candoglia will soon arrive, the workers are currently working incessantly on restoration of the "falconature" or upper decoration of wall 206

New elements, including knots, falcons and little pyramids, become the Duomo, blossoming like flowers, taking the place of those that are wilted and no longer suitable for decorating the Cathedral and above all facing up to the passage of time.