Restoration Journal

The scaffolding that challenge the future 60 metres above the floor


23 May 2017

An important day for the Veneranda Fabbrica's Restoration Projects: Monday 22 May, after various trials on the ground, the huge scaffolding measuring around 18 metres in diameter, which will allow us to undertake the restoration of the Tiburio Interno (Internal Crossing Tower) of the Duomo, was finally raised.

Two months of careful study were required before the work could begin, including consultation of documents preserved in the Archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica.

The operations, which began at 7:00 am, took the whole day, and were watched by the thousands of worshippers and visitors who entered the Cathedral. After erecting the structure in the area facing the main altar, the huge deck was slowly raised to sixty metres above the floor.

In the video below, the Director of Works, Ing. Francesco Canali, tells us about the complexity of the project.

The scaffolding weighs almost 4 tons

The structure, in the form of a cross, was hooked onto four "guides" on the external scaffolding of the Crossing Tower, through the four large windows and the restoration will involve, in particular, cleaning and consolidation operations.

This work, an important phase in the restoration of the Main Spire, will take around two years. Continue to follow the extraordinary account of its progress in the Restoration Journal.