Restoration Journal

The Secrets of the Duomo's Dome


1 August 2017

August is here. Each day thousands of tourists and worshippers come to visit the Duomo. They enter the Cathedral, contemplate the statues that once adorned the great monument and that now populate the Grande Museo del Duomo, climb up to the terraces, and gaze up at the Madonnina.

It is here at the foot of the Main Spire, and therefore beneath the statue of the Virgin watching over Milan, that, during these hot summer days, the energy and attention of the Duomo's restorations have been focused.

The Veneranda Fabbrica has in fact finished mounting the scaffolding within the tiburium of the Cathedral, at a height of 60 meters, necessary for beginning the restorations which can no longer be postponed.

The structure has been anchored to the four “inviti” of the tiburium's outer scaffolding, through the four large windows.

To complete this step, exhaustive archival work was necessary: in fact, for centuries the Veneranda Fabbrica has preserved documentation for every single project within the Cathedral.

Now that these surfaces are accessible, it will be possible to analyse them so as to proceed with the restoration of the dome's intrados.

This project will take approximately two years and will require delicate work to restore an area that is particularly hard hit by the “male del Duomo”, or rather the repeated and significant leaks of rainwater that have, along with wars, occupations, and various events, marred the body of the Cathedral for centuries.