Restoration Journal

Monitoring and cleaning of the duomo's walls


13 December 2017

Despite the freezing cold that struck Milan and northern Italy in December, the workers of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano could be observed high above the city, clambering along the monument's mighty walls, as they cleaned and monitored the surfaces. In particular, they worked on the northern side of the Duomo, which is more exposed to fluctuating weather conditions.

In addition to verifying the stability of the elements, the workers oversee the removal of weeds, which curiously grow on the Duomo.
The personnel occupied with these tasks is highly trained, also thanks to their attendance at climbing lessons.
With a length of 158 meters, 164 windows, 410 shelves, and 746 smaller shelves, the Duomo provides a limitless universe of marble to explore.

13 December is a special day for the Fabbrica's skilled workers: it is the liturgical memorial of Santa Lucia, particularly revered as the protector of sight. In fact, in olden times, one of the most frequent work accidents in the Duomo was that related to injury from shards of marble. As per tradition, on the feast of Santa Lucia a mass is celebrated for the Veneranda Fabbrica's employees and each receives the blessed bread.