Restoration Journal

January in the Duomo's restoration sites


25 January 2018

Despite the intense cold of the last few days of January, a human warmth can be felt daily in the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano's restoration sites, emanating from the exquisite work that skilled artisans and restorers have dedicated their lives to for centuries: the restoration and maintenance of the Cathedral.

The Marble workers' site, located on Via Brunetti, continues in its restoration of damaged elements taken down from the Duomo, to be given new life using the same marble. Embrasures, ribbons, crests, small pyramids... all of the parts described in our glossary #AlfabetoDuomo.
The new marble is cut using a mechanical diamond wire to give it its shape (in the video) and is then subsequently entrusted to the hands of expert stone-cutters.

Meanwhile, in the Duomo, scaffolding has been erected in correspondence with the entire north-east corner of the northern transept, necessary for several restorations scheduled to take place in that area. These are expected to last approximately two years and will require at least one full team of the Fabbrica's marble workers, as well as several restorers in order to complete the project.